Ruff Hour is a candid view of the many aspects of WooFDriving! WooFDriving is instinctual engagement training, leading a Dog to explore their instinctual traits in a manageable way that will tame their wilds and forge a canine mankind bond based on trust and boundaries full of endless adventuring possibilities!

In these videos you will see legendary year round adventures with the WooFDriver and his WooFPAK! From building and customizing equipment in an extreme manor for Husky demands, to training and exercise methods for Dogs that provides endless possibilities and unimaginable results, and The WooFDriver Tours where he and The WooFPAK with the assistance of the WooFDriver Pit Crew travel all over the East Coast of The USA to discover new trails to explore and MUSH! In addition since this is all about the love of Dogs and Exploring many uncharted Dog areas as you can imagine many Funny situations occur as we WooFDrive this dream daily! So some of our comical scenes, outtakes, and bloopers will also be featured here on RUFF Hour!

I am the WooFDriver, your host and the PacK’s Daddy on this magical journey! To find out more about me please checkout my BIO by clicking here.