These videos are kind of behind the scenes of the technology and equipment I use. You can get a glimpse how we build and/or custom modify equipment so it is sturdy enough and Dog friendly incorporating features that give this equipment what it needs to mange the extreme demands and situations we will be using it in. From Arctic cold temperatures, mud trenches that are deep enough to swim,  to continuous operating battery motors that can run at low speeds for long periods of time. This just touches the surface of some of our many challenges we encounter and conquer to turn this dream into a reality!  We use extensive tools including welders, for steel as well as aluminum amongst an array of commercial grade tools that have become fixtures in our shop so we can do a  lot of these fabrications in house. You will also catch some of the set-up involved for the photo and video documenting of our adventures. You can find out more about the Technologies we use on my WooFTEK Website by clicking here.



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